Each of our bags has been carefully crafted from only the very best natural, sustainably sourced materials.

We only use premium, full grain and top grain by-product leather, pineapple leather, and GOTS organic cotton canvas that is all sustainably sourced, then carefully hand selected for each bag and accessory by our master craftsman.

By-product repurposed leather

We're extremely conscious about the way we source our leather, which is why we only use by-product leather. A waste product from the meat industry, this is a natural material that would otherwise end up in landfill. We've chosen to work with cow hides that are by-products of this industry, instead of using leather from cows that have been raised solely for their hides. Our full grain and top grain leather comes from Jakarta and also local sellers near our workshop. All of this leather is  end-of roll leather, that we take from other factories and repurpose by hand. This allows our master craftsman to hand pick each hide, paying careful attention to how each one looks and feels, then allows our artisans to cut around small defects. We have chosen to work this way as it allows us to repurpose the best quality leather, providing you with beautifully unique bags and accessories. Our leather is taken from the top layer of the hide, chosen because it retains the grain and natural markings of the hide. This is why no two bags we make are ever the same.

Pineapple leather

Pineapple leather (or Piñatex) is our natural leather alternative that is made from the cellulose fibres of pineapple leaves. Piñatex is a 100% vegan, sustainable fabric. The leaves are a by-product of pineapple harvest, which would otherwise be thrown away or burned. By creating a strong, durable fabric from these leaves, it allows farmers to fully utilise their entire crop, providing additional income.
Pinatex is made very much in a similar way to felt, thus is strong and has a textured feel to it. Pineapple leather is a great alternative leather material to use, and we love it because we're supporting another certified B Corporation Ananas Anam by using it! Learn more on our blog here.

Linings and components

Our brassware, such as our zips and fastenings come from YKK, the best industry standard components on the market right now. Our lining is made from natural cotton canvas, which we screen print through our Bali and India workshops.

Reducing waste

In order to reduce waste in our production process, we use as much of each material as we can, by hand cutting and carefully placing each pattern to ensure there is as little waste produced as possible. Whatever material isn’t used, our workshop manager collates to be used for things like our keyrings and tassels, or wristlets or zipper ends.

The full package

Your bag will arrive on your doorstep in a biodegradable mail bag, which you can pop into your home compost (please remove the labels first. This will degrade in around 90 days). Inside you'll find your bag presented in a reusable, natural cotton drawstring bag, This will also contain a story card and a hangtag signed by the craftsman who made it. Learn more about what to do with your reusable drawstring bag here.

Material care
Wondering how to care for your Duffle&Co bags and accessories? Learn more here.