What is the best way to clean my Duffle&Co product?
We recommend using a cleaning and caring leather lotion for moisturising and repairing any scuffs that may occur during use. If you can find one with beeswax in that gives a lovely finish. We prefer to use Woly's Creme Essentielle. Apply with a soft clean cloth in circular motions, and leave it to dry out of the sun. we recommend doing this every few months to maintain the look and feel of the leather. Remember leather bags are just like shoes! They need maintaining and caring for to age well.

How often do you restock your items?
As we are a small company, we restock items once or twice a month, but these restocks vary by product each time and all depends on what is or has been selling well. We try to be as transparent as possible with you on expected restock times, but our workshop and orders are constantly changing so these estimates are not always set in stone. On a regular basis, you can expect an item to restock within 2-3 weeks. If we know you want the product, we are more likely to push for that restock for you. So, email in at support@duffleandco.com and we will take note of your request.

Note: If you are super keen on an item you can buy it on pre-order and it will be made for you and delivered within 3-4 weeks. This must be an existing item and not something we haven't designed yet.

What can I fit in my bag?

We are often asked which products fit a 15” laptop. These products include the 15” laptop sleeve, the McCarty Tote, the Forrest Satchel, the Daniel Satchel, and all Duffle Bags. The Bradley Backpack fits a 13” laptop. Unfortunately, our Rose and Zahra bags don’t fit laptops, but they do fit books and smaller iPads beautifully. For those who want a compact piece like the Cooke, this product fits your essential cards, keys and cash, whilst fitting into the palm of your hand.

What can I do with my reusable natural cotton drawstring bag?
We’re so glad you’re curious about this one. Most companies use plastic to protect product during the shipping process, but we thought, why not give our customers a little extra bonus product and ditch the plastic along the way? There are so many ways to use your cotton tote bag:

  1. Camera bag
  2. A cute way to contain period products
  3. For travel toiletries
  4. To store your hair dryer, straightener, or curler
  5. To untangle all your chargers and keep tech safe

Let us know what you use your cotton duffle bag for and tag us on social media! Read more ideas as to how to use your drawstring bag here.

Values & Transparency

What does it mean to be climate positive?
Becoming climate positive was a big and exciting process for us as an ethical company. To achieve this certification, we traced our carbon footprint from our leather suppliers to our day to day waste in the office. We looked into the emissions of using bi-product leather – which is extraordinarily lower than using animals that have been raised for their leather. From there we tracked our energy usage at our workshop in Bali, our freight from Bali and to customers, and more. Overall, we realised how much we had grown, so it’s refreshing to ensure we were putting more positive influence back out into the world than we take. To do this, we became climate positive – which means we offset 120% of our carbon emissions. By working with EKOS, we buy carbon credits that offset our emissions, then EKOS plants trees all around New Zealand to restore the environment. If you have any more questions about this process, please contact support@duffleandco.com and ask for Emily.

What do you do to eliminate waste?
In order to eliminate waste in our production process, we use as much of the leather as we can, using unique cuts to ensure there is as little waste produced as possible. Whatever leather isn’t used, our workshop manager collates to be used for things like our leather keyrings and tassels, or the wristlets or zipper ends on our smaller products. We are using Better Packaging compostable mail bags that you can pop in your garden compost (please make sure to take off the tape and mailing label first.) We are looking into compostable tape (more to come soon!) Ultimately, we are doing the best that we can at the moment with what’s on the market, and as this market evolves, we will too!

What is our packaging? What do you have to do to compost it?
We use Better Packaging’s compostable mail bags. They are made from 100% biodegradable and compostable materials and has 40% less CO2 emissions compared to traditional plastics. The most sustainable option is to put these mail bags in with your food scraps and garden waste. They will break down within 90 days in a compost environment. Note: again, please make sure to remove all tape and labels first.

How do you plant trees with Eden Reforestation Projects?
With Eden Projects, we are able to make a difference with every single product we sell. Every product bought plants 5 mangrove trees and guarantees a day’s work to local villagers. From a sustainability standpoint, mangrove trees are pretty much the best of the best. These bits of nature absorb more carbon each year of their lives. They also reforest and rehabilitate animal habitats and coastlines that have suffered the consequences of humans and climate change. If you have any questions about our work with Eden Projects, please contact support@duffleandco.com and ask for Emily.

Where does your leather come from?
Our leather comes directly from Indonesia. Most of the time, it is sourced locally in Bali, where our workshop is. There have been some batches of leather that came from Java, but this is a rarity. Most importantly, we make sure that our leather suppliers have not used dangerous chemicals on the leather. These chemicals are not only bad for the environment, but also put our craftsmen in danger when working with highly processed materials. Additionally, our leather is always bi-product leather. Bi-product leather comes as an after effect of animals that have been raised for meat, rather than being solely raised for their leather. It's also repurposed, meaning that we use waste leather from other brands and factories that would otherwise go to waste, and hand cut around any defects to reuse it to make our bags. Which is why sometimes there may be tiny colour changes between our images and products.

What is Pinatex? Do you use any other non-animal based leathers?
Pinatex is our natural pineapple leather alternative that is made from cellulose fibres in pineapple leaves. Pinatex is 100% vegan and a low-carbon fabric. Not only is it sustainable, but it allows farmers to fully utilise their crops, providing more income and security.

At the moment, we only use Pinatex, but we are building relationships with a few companies that are producing fabric made from food waste, recycled bottles, and mushroom leather. These are just a few options we are excited to learn more about and hopefully implement in the future. 

Where does your interior and brassware come from?
Our YKK brassware (Trijaya Accessories) and canvas lining are made and sourced locally within Indonesia. These extra bits and bobs that go into making our bags are brought from Jakarta by our local Balinese suppliers, who we then order from. For any organic materials such as our organic cotton T-Shirts we hold GOTS certification.