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Handcrafted luxury

Handcrafted luxury bags that don't compromise your values. By implementing age-old artisanship techniques and working with small groups of talented craftsmen, each of our bags is meticulously made. Each item is hand signed by the person that made it, and each purchase plants 5 mangrove trees. The positive social and environmental impact of the way that we work is felt all over the world, but it’s our humble beginnings in Aotearoa New Zealand that is synonymous to the way we work.


Ethically handcrafted

Our Workshop

We empower talented craftsmen in continuing traditional leather craft and sewing techniques, choosing handmade over mass production. All our artisans are paid more than double the fair living wage, their children are supported in education, and at our family run workshop home cooked meals are enjoyed on a daily basis!



Planting Trees

Giving back to mother nature & the community where we make is at the heart of what we do. That's why we plant 5 mangrove trees for every purchase made.


The golden seals of approval


Because we know sometimes you need more to trust that just our words. We're proud to be officially certified as a B-Corporation, certified Climate Positive by EKOS, and are Akina certified, all for our dedication to an ethical sustainable model that is always seeking to improve and be better. Why? Because there is no planet B!

Our Craftsmen

The Makers

At our family run workshop in Bali we employ talented craftsman and help develop their skills so they can provide for both their families and communities. Learn more here.

Know your fabrics


Get to know you bag inside out. Want to know why our leather's so darn good? We only use premium by-product leathers, ethically sourced and carefully hand selected. Oh and don't forget the pineapple leather! Learn more here.

sustainably sourced

Our materials

We believe that when you choose Duffle&Co, you choose transparency. You value exceptional quality and longevity. You opt for re-using and re-purposing what has already been made, and support zero waste design.



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